Consultation clinic

Are you looking to speak a qualified nutrition professional in a 1:1 capacity about a diet, health or sports nutrition related issue? We can help you, as our team operates a dietetics clinic and a sports nutrition clinic all year round, available both in person and online, to facilitate your needs. Our team are exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced and have stellar reputations in helping people tackle complex problems and achieve their goals. Our consultations are approx 60 mins in duration and will provide you with tailored nutritional protocols and the support you need to make change. 

If you wish to book an appointment with us you can use the booking link below, or you can email or call 085 708 5625.

Dietetic consultation

Our dietetic consultation clinic is dedicated towards helping you manage complex medical conditions & manage your diet to optimize your health. This clinic is ran by Evan Lynch, renowned CORU registered dietitian based in Clonmel & online. Consultations are approx 60mins in duration, see below what type of issues Evan can help you with and make an enquiry below to book your consultation.

Diabetes management (Type 1 + 2)

Cholesterol management

High blood pressure management

Coeliac, IBD & diverticulitis management

Gastritis & reflux management

IBS management

Weight loss support

Nutrient deficiencies

 Sports Nutrition Clinic

Our sports nutrition clinic is internationally renowned and is run by a team of registered dietitians and SENr accredited performance nutritionists. Our team collectively has worked with a plethora of Olympic athletes, professional athletes& national champions accross a wide array of sports. The team also has vast amount of experience working with inter-county teams, collegiate teams & national governing bodies.

Sports nutrition advice

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)

Exercise induced gut issues

Iron deficiency

Injury management support

Body composition support

Muscle building support

Race day nutrition