Weight Management Program

We prioritise active listening to comprehend your journey and identify factors influencing your weight. With a clear understanding, we collaboratively address and improve specific issues, behaviours, and beliefs impacting weight control.

Empowering weight management through education

Educational emphasis

Our approach centers on education, prioritizing your learning and skill development throughout the weight management process. Our goal is to empower you to a point where your weight is well controlled, and you feel both comfortable and confident in your journey.

Navigating weight loss challenge

Weight loss is a challenging and often frustrating journey, with conflicting information and environmental factors complicating the process. Clinically successful weight loss, defined as losing 5% or more of your weight and maintaining it for at least 2 years, guides our comprehensive strategy to help you overcome obstacles and achieve lasting results.

Our Advantages

Discover a unique perspective on weight management that prioritizes lasting change and an empathic journey, free from restrictive diets and negative associations with food. Embrace a transformative approach that aligns with your goals and promotes a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Our focus is on fostering lasting changes that extend beyond short-term goals. We take pride in guiding individuals toward sustainable habits that contribute to a lifetime of positive well-being.

Empathic Behavior Change Approach

Recognizing the challenges of repeated weight loss attempts, we embrace an empathic approach driven by behavior change principles. Our goal is to understand your expectations and concerns, providing guidance that gradually shifts your food relationship, engagement, and mindset in a positive direction.

No Restrictive Diets

Unlike conventional approaches, we never advocate for avoiding specific foods. You won’t hear us telling clients to give up bread, stop eating chocolate, or eliminate carbs. Our inclusive approach aims to free you from the constraints of good/bad food lists, fostering a healthier and more positive relationship with food.

Escape Food Guilt and Negativity

If you’re tired of restrictive diets, feeling bad about your body, and developing a negative relationship with food, our approach is designed for you. Embrace a new way of thinking that aligns with your goals and promotes a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.


Our program

Our weight management program is run virtually by our team and consists of bi-weekly consultations, with support between appointments as needed, and access to our member’s hub. Participants in this project will also have access to reduced rates metabolic testing and body assessments. Book a discovery call below tostart your weight loss journey or reach out to evan@southeastnutritionclinic.com

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