Strength & Conditioning Programmes


Do you need help with your strength & conditioning?

Our strength and conditioning programme is designed to help you pursue your sporting or physical goals. Our convenient online delivery system and expert coach Ciaran can ensure that with the click of a button you have world class guidance, expertise and programming at your fingertips.

What’s entailed in the program?




Coach introduction:
Ciarán is the head exercise physiologist & performance coach at “The Performance Lab”. A specialist in his field whose clients come from all walks of life from general population, avid athlete to experienced pro. Ciaran has a plethora of experience from working with multiple intercounty GAA teams including Tipperary, AIL rugby and 1-to-1 work with a variety of endurance based athletes.                                                                             
With 18+ years experience in coaching Ciarán has seen nearly everything that athletes encounter throughout their careers. Backed by an MSc in Performance Science and a focus on performance in his own clients chosen sports. He has through his own experience of previously playing in field sports embeds a long term goal within his clients of longevity and sustainability far beyond retirement of any sport.                                                                                                                                                     
A wonderful addition to our team as his experience in S&C and in more recent years testing athletes Vo2 Max, Blood LT and economy of movement gives him a unique insight to programme for you. Ciaran also guest starred on the Fuel Better Podcast, which you can listen to here.


 Coach interaction:
– Initial consultation call and plan review after week 1.
– 1 to 1 consultation every 4 weeks.                                                                                               – Coach available for support as needed.
– Sports Specific Resistance Plan.
– Prehab Exercises specific to your needs.
– Core & Stabilisation exercises for your sport.

Perks:                                                                                                                                                  – Access to the members hub.                                                                                                      – Access to special training & load management software. 


Please note that there are is a three month minimum sign up to the S&C coaching. See here for terms & conditions.