Performance Nutrition Program

Our performance nutrition program is what we are renowned for, our team prides itself on our international reputation for excellence in sports nutrition.

Elevate Your Performance with Tailored Sports Nutrition

Inclusive Athlete Support

Every year, we collaborate with hundreds of athletes across all skill levels to help them achieve their sports nutrition objectives. From novice 5k runners to professional triathletes, and even World/European medallists in Ironman, boxing, basketball, and athletics, our program caters to diverse sporting backgrounds.

Personalised Nutrition for All

Our sports nutrition program is designed to meet the unique needs of each participant, ensuring optimal performance. Whether you’re stepping into your first 5k or competing at the highest levels, our team is dedicated to tailoring nutrition plans that elevate your capabilities in Ironman, boxing, basketball, athletics, and beyond.

Optimal Engagement Experience

Unlock a world of possibilities with our global sports nutrition program. Enjoy 1-to-1 consultations, specialized services, and seamless digital access through the Hexis app and member’s hub for an enriched athlete experience.

Global Remote Program Access:

Our program extends its reach globally, catering to athletes in all corners of the world. Enjoy the convenience of remote participation, breaking down geographical barriers to access our comprehensive sports nutrition and coaching services.

Comprehensive Support Services

Participants in our program, particularly those in the Republic of Ireland, can benefit from additional services such as body composition assessments and sports science expertise. These location-dependent offerings enhance the overall program experience.

Straightforward 1-to-1 Consultations

Engage in straightforward 1-to-1 consultations with your dedicated coach through remote connections. Our program is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring personalized support with the flexibility of additional assistance between scheduled appointments.

Integrated Hexis App and Member's Hub

As a valued program member, gain access to the Hexis app and our exclusive member’s hub. Enjoy the convenience of these platforms for seamless communication, progress tracking, and additional resources. Additionally, benefit from complimentary attendance at occasional workshops and webinars to further enrich your athletic journey.


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