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Our team of experts help people take their nutrition to the next level, and overcome every barrier in the process. We have helped hundreds of people nail their nutrition goals and achieve major weight loss, diabetic remission, better food relationships and even qualify for an Olympic final. If you have a nutritional problem, we have a team member equipped and wating to help you.

Work with our team of dieticians, sports specialists & nutritionists

Our coaching program offers a personalized approach, matching you with the right coach through a thorough screening process. We prioritize your convenience and adapt to your schedule. Our team provides tailored advice and supports your skill development to help you achieve your goals. You can choose from three coaching service levels, and remote options are available. We offer not only sports nutrition but also weight management and assistance with medical conditions like IBS, diabetes, and Coeliac disease. Most health insurance companies cover our coaching programs; check with your provider for eligibility.

What we do

Nutrition Coaching

Our renowned nutrition coaching program is here to give you guidance and support towards meeting your goals with our excellent team of practitioners.

Consultation Clinic

Our year round dietetics clinic is available online and in person to help you with your needs, whether it be weight loss, IBS, sports nutrition etc.

Sport Science Services

We offer sweat testing analysis, body composition assessments and offer support services for clubs and teams.

Body-Fat Testing

We offer skinfold testing and body composition analysis in clinic, if you are looking to do a health screening or get a bodyfat percentage assessment, please reach out.

Meet the people behind our success

Evan Lynch

Owner, Registered Dietitian & Performance Nutritionist

Ellen Stack

Nutritionist & Performance Nutritionist

“What I tell everyone who asks what I do for nutrition is that I work with Evan lynch and the man is a genius, he doesn’t just help you with food he helps you with everything he possibly can, for example if your sick he will put you back on track quicker than a doctor could just by doing simple things with food or supplements. He’s structure and open minded attitude makes life easy. He does the number crunching and all you have to do it just follow the plan and you’ll reach what ever goals you have #FACT”

Dillon Corkery

Fast on Two Wheels

“Evan has been a fantastic addition to my training and performance team. His knowledge and ability are going to be a key asset in my athletic development as an athlete for the next 18 months and I try and secure Olympic qualification”

Cian McManoman

Fueling the lonely walk

“Before working with Evan I was so caught up on the perfect diet, foods and trying to perfect everything. Evan has brought an approach that has allowed to relax and have a greater balance. It’s allowed my mind and body to relax and not to beat myself up by trying to perfect everything. I doubt that you will find many people who are not pleased with Evan’s service and work ethic.”

Sean Tobin

The Irish Hammer

What our clients have to say

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