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Welcome to the Southeast Nutrition Clinic, we are a team of registered dieticians, clinical nutritionists & performance nutritionists. Our team is waiting to help you meet your goals whether it be dominating your sporting endeavours, getting control of your digestive health or sustainably losing weight, we can assist you.

Our ethos and aim is to bridge the gap between nutritional science and daily choices. Our clients find our approach to be highly pragmatic and a breath of fresh air, we specialise in practical application. We’re not going to tell you that bread is bad, or that you can never have chocolate again – we are going to be realistic and give you the advice you need, in the simplest way possible.

Expert lead health solutions

Discover our diverse team of highly educated experts dedicated to empowering individuals through personalised interventions. From diabetes remission to sports performance optimisation, we cater to various health goals.

Diabetes Remission and & Digestive Health

Our in-house experts have successfully guided many individuals towards diabetic remission and provided effective solutions for digestive health issues. Benefit from our wealth of experience and tailored approaches.

Weight Management & Performance

Join the ranks of thousands who have achieved weight loss, optimized sports performance, and lowered blood pressure under our guidance. Our team’s expertise extends to crafting personalized plans for your specific goals.

Elite Sports Involvement

Gain insight into our team’s prestigious involvement, having worked with Olympic games, inter-county GAA teams, national governing bodies, DCU Athletics, and featured in media outlets. Trust in our experience to elevate your performance.

Flexible Consultation & Virtual Clinics

Whether you’re near our Clonmel clinic or miles away, choose how you engage with our team. Benefit from in-person consultations, body composition screenings, or seamlessly connect with us through virtual clinics, weight management, and performance nutrition programs.

The people behind our success

Evan Lynch

Owner, Registered Dietitian & Performance Nutritionist

Ellen Stack

Nutritionist & Performance Nutritionist

Dylan Bowe

Clinical Nutritionist

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